Office party…Last minute ideas!

The uncertainty about the holidays parties having hovered for several months, many find themselves at the beginning of December without a plan for the office party! This annual celebration is often an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between colleagues and to look back on everyone’s achievements over the past year. To recognize everyone’s efforts.

In this time of pandemic, our employees need to see their efforts rewarded more than ever. Here are some office party ideas, 2020 style:

Home Sweet Home

Arrange for the delivery of a meal and a bottle of wine to your employee’s home. Head over to Zoom for a thank you speech. Raise your glasses to the year that is coming to an end and to the one we are about to begin!

Gifting Humour

What could be better than offering an online comedy show to cheer everyone up? With theaters currently closed, go for an online show, because if there is something we can never get enough of, it’s laughing!

Trivia Night

The ultimate team building activity! Organize a virtual team quiz night with prizes to win.

A Tasty Experience

Friendly and accessible, virtual cooking or mixology classes will certainly be very popular this year. You can even get the kids involved!

Throughout the month, brighten up your staff days with delicate attentions. A coffee mug with a small pouch of hot chocolate, a gift certificate to encourage a local business, an entrance to a local attraction, a basket full of gourmet products, etc. Small, simple gestures that will boost the morale of those who matter!

On behalf of the entire Kimdja team, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season!

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Catia Céméus

Founder & Executive Director