Hybrid events

Why choose Kimdja to organize your hybrid event?

Kimdja is known for its expertise in organizing events and for being on top of the latest trends in this area. Kimdja will guide you step by step from the initial vision to the actual implementation of your hybrid event to ensure that you achieve your goals. This full-service package includes everything from project management, to the event’s visual identity, recording, dissemination, decorations, the choice of suppliers, coordination of the big day and the preparation of a post-mortem.

What are the advantages of a hybrid event?

Hybrid events restrict the number of attendees on site and those who can speak, which promotes participation by virtual attendees. They are a way to enhance the appeal of virtual events and to offer exclusivity to certain attendees. Whether for a congress, conference or gala, Kimdja has the resources at its disposal to record and disseminate the event.

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